• Berlin, July 2024

  • “Banksy & Street Art: The Early Years” – MACA Museum Copenhagen

    Opening on May 1st, 2024, that exhibition will offer a rare glimpse into the origins of the street art movement, featuring a captivating array of drawings, stencils, photographs, and paintings.

    Among Banksy’s early works it showcases a diverse array of artists, including 3D, Bambi, Dolk, Dondi, Faile, Futura 2000, Inkie, Lady Pink, Martin Ron, Mode 2, Mr A, Retna, Richard Hambleton, Seen, Shepard Fairey, Vhils and XOOOOX. www.macamuseum.com


    “Pop Art goes Plassenburg” will inaugurate in Kulmbach at the Grand Hall of Plassenburg Castle, featuring a curated selection of Pop Art masterpieces from the collection of Dietmar Kohlrusch. The exposition promises an array of iconic works, serving as a significant exploration of Pop Art and showcasing the diverse spectrum of artistic positions, perspectives, and techniques within the movement. Alongside a dialogic presentation of pieces by renowned artists such as Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, notable works by Tom Wesselmann, Keith Haring, and Alex Katz will also be on display.

    In addition, AOA;87 will host a pop-up gallery outside the Grand Hall, showcasing contemporary artworks from their program that engage with the exhibition’s theme.


    2024.07. // FORUM KUNST ROTTWEIL has invited artists from around the world to create skateboards. The exhibition faces the task to depict the skateboarding subculture and its connection to contemporary art.

    In the skateboarding scene hip-hop, punk and the DIY culture are bundled. Although soon becoming an Olympic sport, for the »daily-life-skateboarder« it is more of a philosophy and way of life, which they connect with their doings. www.skateboarts.com

  • Nightingale’s Stories at AOA;87 Berlin

    2024.03.15 – 2024.04.20 // In “Nightingale’s Stories”, Berlin-based artist XOOOOX, known for his delicately developed stencils of mysterious women, skillfully creates a poetic dialogue between his iconic aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology. Using new techniques, XOOOOX develops his characters that not only create an avant-garde fusion, but also express the artist’s profound exploration of the intersection of technology, zeitgeist and traditional art, challenging the viewer’s viewing habits.

    Through the congenial, almost symbiotic fusion of the pigments and their artistic reworkings, “Nightingale’s Stories” symbolizes the coherent evolution of XOOOOX’s poetic narrative of beauty and transience. The subtle use of spray paint creates an ephemeral atmosphere that emphasizes the importance of finiteness, highlighting the value of the moment.